Friday, April 15, 2011

Filming in California Still on the Decline

Location production of feature films in the city of Los Angeles and nearby parts of the county declined 5.3 percent in the first quarter versus last year.FilmL.A. who keeps track of this sort of thing pointed out that the decline in filming came despite the tax incentives offered by the state.

Shooting for television productions was also down in the first quarter -- by 3.7 percent -- with reality television shows showing the greatest decline, 6.4 percent.

FilmL.A. Chairman Ed Duffy said, "The latest data suggest a softness in the industry, but not a full loss of momentum. Pilot production is up and we have a couple big features in production, so we're optimistic about a better set of numbers come July."

So, where would we be without the tax incentives? Scary thought, even though the level of awareness of the importance of keeping filming in California for a boost to employment and a safety net for the economy is higher than ever before; more and more people are listening. But turning an ocean liner takes a long, long time. And the entertainment industry is a mammoth ship of industry.